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Board Meeting Plush Blanket

Board Meeting Plush Blanket

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Josephine grew up in Maui surfing every day before school. Her favorite move was the Rodeo Flip. She always wanted to go to the X-games. One day, like most other days, Josephine was surfing with her younger brother Joseph when they started drifting apart farther and farther, so far she could barely see him! Something ominous was afoot. "The rip current!" She thought. She had to do something! "Paddle PARALLEL to the shoreline!" She yelled, but Joseph did not even turn his head over the sound of the crashing waves. She paddled closer. "I can't get back to shore!" Joseph yelled, visibly exhausted. "Jump on my surfboard and I'll bring you back!" said Josephine. Joseph was barely able to hang on to the surfboard. "Help! Joseph said as he slipped off as the waves got bigger. "Here! Hold onto my ankle strap and I'll pull you in!" said Josephine. She paddled parallel to the shoreline until she couldn't see the big PINEAPPLE sign anymore on the shore. It seemed like she was not moving at all sometimes. "Am I still in the rip current?" She thought. She looked down at Joseph struggling for air. "I have to get back soon!!" She paddled for what seemed like an eternity, and finally reached the beach. Joseph wasn't breathing, so she started with CPR chest compressions. "One, two, three, four, five, six... " Then she did emergency breaths. Back to chest compressions. More emergency breaths. Joseph started coughing. The crowd cheered. "Wow! That was incredible, you should become a lifeguard!"!" said an onlooker. "There's an idea" Josephine thought to herself. "Where am I?" Joseph asked. "There was a rip current and I had to bring you back to shore. How do you feel?" "A little salty, but mostly alright." said Joseph. "I love you little brother. Glad you're ok." said Josephine. "I love you too big sis."

She looked down at her watch. 9:00! She was late for class! "Come on Joseph! Let's get to school!" When they got to school, Josephine was greeted with an unhappy surprise. "Josephine! You were late today, so you get detention. You will write "I will not be late again" on the board 100 times after school." Josephine had never gotten detention before, what would she tell her parents? It seemed like the clock ticked extra slow today, she just wanted to get the detention done with. She always wanted to make her parents happy. The end of the day was finally here. Josephine had been dreading it the whole day. I will not be late again. I will not be late again. I will not be late again. I will not be late again. The first ones came easy. By the time she got to 70, it was a different story. It seemed like each letter took twice as much energy to write. Each letter. Finally it was done. "Dismissed." said professor Mc Doggogle, counting the lines. As she was walking out of school, she tried to go out the usual door, but it was locked. "Ugh" she thought to herself. "Hey! We usually lock most doors after school, but there's an open one down that hall and to the left." said the janitor. "Praise the lord. Thank you". said Josephine. As Josephine walked down the hall, she saw an interesting poster. "Help Wanted! Lifeguard training course Monday Wednesday Friday 6pm - 10pm". "Huh! That's neat! Maybe I'll sign up!" she thought.

She burst in the door when she got home. "Mom, dad! You'll never believe what happened today! Joseph got caught in a rip current and I swam out to save him and did CPR too! And I saw a poster for lifeguard training! Oh and I also got detention."

"Why did you get detention? What did you do?" Her dad asked with a concerned look on his face.

"I was late for school because I was saving Joseph." "Well, you shouldn't be late for school, but since it's your brother I guess it's ok." her dad said. "Can I take the lifeguarding course?" asked Josephine. "Oh honey, you already have so much on your plate, why don't you wait until next year." her mom said.

Josephine was determined to take that lifeguarding course no matter what. For the 4 weeks during the course, Josephine decided she would wake up early and instead of going surfing, she would do her homework and go to the lifeguard course at night so that she could still get everything done. Monday night came and it was the first day of lifeguarding school.

"Hi everyone. I am going to make you the best life saver you can be. My name is Mark Fields" said Mark Fields. The first task at the lifeguarding course was to swim 12 laps. "That sure sounds like a lot!" she thought to herself. She jumped in and started swimming. By lap 10 she was starting to get tired so she slowed down some and soon she had finished all 12 laps! CPR she aced, after all, she had already done it successfully on her brother. Next was using a stretcher and stabilizing people with head and neck injuries. She had no problem with that either. The last task was to retrieve a 10 pound brick from the bottom of the pool. Josephine was not a golden retriever so she was unsure about this game of underwater fetch with such a heavy brick.

She jumped in and looked down at the brick, 12 feet down. She knew she could do it. Swimming down farther and farther, she thought of her brother Joseph's eyes as he struggled for air. Finally, she was at the brick and picked it up. It was heavy, but lighter than she thought. Kicking hard, she slowly made her way to the surface, kick by kick. Finally she was there. She passed!

Josephine now teaches lifesaving on Oahu and has even started her own charity for drowning education and prevention.


Create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home with this plush velveteen blanket. It is soft to touch and perfect for any home. Available in three sizes: 30x40", 50x60", 60x80".

NB! Due to variations in the production process, blankets may arrive up to 3" shorter than their listed size. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

.: 100% Polyester
.: One sided print
.: 3 sizes

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