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Field Day Indoor Slippers

Field Day Indoor Slippers

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Here is a story about Penny, the best smelling dog around.

Once upon a time, there was a little dog named Penny who loved to chase balloons. Penny would chase balloons up and down the street, and she was always the first to catch them.

One day, Penny saw a shiny silver balloon floating high up in the sky. She barked and jumped, trying to reach the balloon, but it was too high. So Penny ran and ran, following the balloon as it drifted across the town.

Finally, Penny saw the balloon land in a field. But it wasn't just any field - it was a lavender field. Penny had never smelled anything like it before. The scent was so strong that it made her dizzy.

Penny ran through the field, sniffing and snuffling at the flowers. The scent of lavender filled her nose and made her feel alive. Suddenly, Penny had an idea: she could start a perfume business!

Penny gathered as many lavender flowers as she could carry and took them back to her doghouse. She spent all night mixing and blending the flowers, trying to create the perfect scent.

The next day, Penny set up a perfume stand in the town square. She offered passersby a whiff of his new scent, which she called "Penny's Perfect Perfume" At first, people were hesitant. But as soon as they smelled Peny's perfume, they were hooked.

Penny's perfume business took off. She became famous for her amazing scent, and people would come from all over to buy her perfume. Penny even started to sell her perfume online and soon became a millionaire!

From that day forward, Penny never chased balloons again. Instead, she spent all of her time in her lavender field, tending to her flowers and creating new perfumes. And every time she caught a whiff of her signature scent, she knew that she had found her true calling.


Each slipper is made 100% with soft, comfy flannel fleece fabric while the outer sole is flexible, anti-skid, and delivers higher durability along with a better grip on shiny floors. Each pair comes with removable insoles, making possible the use of custom foot orthotics.

.: Material: 100% polyester outer-layer and lining
.: Black rubber sole
.: Removable insole

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