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Highlife Bomber Jacket

Highlife Bomber Jacket

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One day, two brothers, Max and Russ were on their way back from playing frisbee when they passed by a beautiful lake peppered with majestic white swans. They saw the strangest thing! A bag was floating in the air! "What kind of sorcery is that!" Max said. "There must be a wizard nearby! Over there!" said Russ. "Haha, I am no wizard! That's my invention! I call it a globe aérostatique. Since hot air rises, I decided to put some into a bag and see what would happen, et ouila! The name's Jacques." said Jacques. "Maybe we can make our own hot air balloon!" said Russ. "Heck yeah! Thanks Jacques! See you around." said Max, as the brothers headed home. Later that night, Max crept quietly into the laundry room and found one of his mom's old quilts while Russ snuck into the garage to "borrow" some of his dad's fishing line and an old milk crate. The operation went flawlessly. They drank Red Bull all night and in the morning they were ready for takeoff. "Let's light this candle!" said Max as he lit the hydrazine burner with a grin. Soon they were high over a sleepy city. They could see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc d' Triumph and even the Louvre! "Wow! You can see for miles up here!" said Russ. Soon Max and Russ were over Egypt, in the heart of the Valley of the Kings. "Look! A crocodile! Let's get closer!" Russ said, letting the balloon descend. Just then it seemed like the world stood still and everything came to a screeching halt! Was it a crocodile god, meant to protect ancient treasure? Was it a curse? Max looked down, it was a Pyramid. "Oh. It's a Pyramid. Thank God." said Max. "Let's sled down it!" said Russ. They broke the basket in half. "Race you to the bottom!" said Max. As the brothers hurtled down the side of the Pyramid, a gap appeared and they were headed straight for it! "Whoa whoa whoa!" It was unavoidable. The brothers fell down a deep shaft and landed in a pile of ancient Egyptian relics, all made of pure gold. "I'm glad we met that crazy wizard Jacques." said Max. "Oh yeah." grinned Russ.

Featuring the classic bomber jacket look, a durable zipper and two pouch pockets, this jacket is ready to take your everyday look a notch higher to reflect your unique personality and style.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Full front zipper closure
.: Two lined welt pockets at front
.: Dark blue polyester lining

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