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Ice Cold Ceramic Mug 11oz

Ice Cold Ceramic Mug 11oz

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It’s BPA and Lead-free, microwave & dishwasher-safe, and made of white, durable ceramic in 11-ounce size.

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle
.: Lead and BPA-free


Once upon a time, in the frozen wilderness of Alaska, there was a small town named Barksville. Barksville was a town that was completely run by dogs. From the mayor to the local store owner, all the positions of power were held by furry, four-legged residents.

One winter, a massive blizzard hit Barksville, knocking out the town's electricity. The dogs knew they had to act fast to restore power, so they came up with a plan. They would send their bravest and strongest sled dogs on a perilous journey to Anchorage to retrieve the fuel needed to power the town's generators.

The dogs set out on their journey, and for the first few days, everything went smoothly. The sled dogs pulled their cargo of hundreds of gallons of fuel through the snow and ice, barking and howling as they went.

But then, disaster struck. One of the sled dogs, a mischievous husky named Max, decided that he wanted to take a break from all the hard work. So he snuck off to go play in the snow, leaving the other dogs to do all the heavy lifting.

Despite Max's shenanigans, the sled dogs pressed on, determined to reach their destination. Finally, after 679 miles of travel, they arrived in Anchorage.

The dogs were greeted as heroes in Anchorage, with everyone marveling at their bravery and tenacity. But then the dogs realized they had a problem - they didn't know how to get the fuel back to Barksville!

After some quick thinking, the dogs decided to use a giant slingshot to launch the fuel containers back to their hometown. The slingshot worked perfectly, and soon the sled dogs were back in Barksville, triumphant.

With the fuel delivered, the dogs were able to restore power to the town, and all the residents of Barksville were able to stay warm and cozy during the blizzard. And Max? Well, he learned his lesson and never slacked off again. From that day forward, he pulled his weight and then some, making sure that Barksville always had the fuel it needed to keep the lights on.

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