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Mayhem Max Bomber Jacket

Mayhem Max Bomber Jacket

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Max was always a little crazy, according to other people at least. After getting back from work as a server at Big Bucks BBQ, he liked to go off big jumps on his dirt bike. Superman seat grabs, Nic nacs, Tsunamis, Rulers, Hart Attacks, he did it all. He had already won the X-games once but spent all of his winnings on brisket. He did have a few dollars laying around from his X-games days, just not many.

After eating nearly all of the leftover brisket at Big Bucks one night, Max went home for a ride again. "There's not enough power!" he said as his bike barely accelerated up the hill. "This is blasphemy!"

He came back from his ride still full but unsatisfied. "What am I going to do? I like my bike, but if I eat too much, no jumps? I can't do that." he thought to himself.

The next day at Big Bucks BBQ, he was serving someone a cinnamon bun when a thought hit him like a big slab of steak across the face. He could buy a turbo and bolt it on to his bike. Imagine how cool it would be to hear it spool up going up a hill.

After work, he got right on it and started researching the best turbo options for his dirtbike. He couldn't find any! For such a popular bike? What! Max needed to reevaluate. On his way to work the next day, max saw a sign "Custom Machine Design". Huh! He walked in and asked if they knew anything about turbos "Yes! We have designed custom turbos for the Pork 911, Hamburgini Thirstilago and the McCarrot G1." The names may have been different but max was already hungry. "Interesting, have you ever done one for a dirt bike?" said Max.

"Oh no, but I don't see why we couldn't do it! Just bring us the plans and we can machine it or cast it for you."

All day during work, Max was thinking about how great it would be to be flying skyward with a belly full of brisket.

When he got home he went to Google and typed in "How to design a turbocharger". He clicked through a few bad results that he couldn't understand and finally found a very detailed technical research paper from the University of Dogs. Whoa! That's a lot of work! Just then, his friend Shockwave Sam called "Hey buddy! I know you have the KTR 990 and I've been trying to jump over the Grand Canyon, do you know of any turbo manufacturers?" said Sam. "No, but I've been thinking about designing one, maybe you can help!" said Max. "Oh! That sounds like a lot of work, and I am preparing for this jump, but heck yeah man let's do it. I'll do the marketing, admin and business side and promote it at my jump if you can design it." said Sam.

That night, max read through that technical paper. Temperatures, pressures, flow rates, efficiency, number of blades, blade angle, materials. He had to read some things two or three times, and had to keep referring to the nomenclature page, but he learned about it all. It was tough and his brain hurt, but he didn't quit reading.

The next day after an uneventful day at work, he came home and downloaded a CAD software called Fusion 360 and downloaded a turbo design package to go along with it. He was really feeling like irondog right now. He started drawing the compressor, which pressurizes the air for the engine. "These dang lines won't line up!" he thought. He looked at google and managed to fix it. The compressor was looking good. Ok! Now the turbine. "This won't extrude correctly! Oh. I have to activate it. Duh". Pretty soon it was done. The next day before work, Max stopped by the machine shop. "Here are my designs!" he said as he put them onto the table. "Ok great! That will be about $800." What? Now when Max said he had a few dollars from the X-games, he literally meant a few dollars, $7 to be exact. Just then, Shockwave Sam called. "Hey man! A lot of people out here by the Grand Canyon say they would buy that turbo! How's it coming along?". "Well I designed it, just about to send it to the machine shop but it's gonna cost $800!"  "Oof! Well what if I Venmo you half since I am your business partner." 

"400 is fine for now, and you can pay the rest when you come to pick it up." said the store clerk.

Max worked double shifts all week and when the turbo was done, he paid for the rest and picked it up. "Hey man, the turbo is done!" he texted Shockwave Sam. "Cool! Can we mount it to my bike and I'll jump over the Grand Canyon? Surely that will get some buyers." said Shockwave Sam.

Max wanted to sell turbos but he also did want to jump over the Grand Canyon. "Only if I can do it too" he said. "Ehhh ok I trust you" said Shockwave Sam. "Just be good to old Bessy". 

It was the day of the jump, and everyone was watching. Shockwave Sam had prepared for this instant for six whole months. The turbo on the bike spooled up as he started down the track to the ramp. High in the air, Shockwave Sam hunched down to minimize drag, it was a long way across. Then, off in the distance, a puff of brown dust. Did he land it? Did he splat? It was a tense moment. "I made the jump!" Max heard on the walkie talkie. Awh yeah. After helicoptering Shockwave Sam and his bike back, it was Max's turn. "This is where I feel crazy" he thought to himself. But Shockwave Sam did it, he should be able to do it too. He revved up the engine as high as it could go, the tires tearing into the red clay. 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mph. This bike was FASTTTTT. Then he was finally in the air looking peacefully over the canyon. He saw the river below, he saw some hikers on their honeymoon, he saw a ram eating a brisket. Oh no! He didn't eat today yet! "I can land this" he thought as his arms started shaking from lack of food. As the other side got closer and closer, his arms started to shake more violently. Then, he saw one spectator on the other side. She was a beautiful black lab, smiling right at him. Suddenly his shaking stopped and he landed perfectly. He was so enamored by her beauty that he forgot to call the other side to tell them he made it! "So, do you come here often?" said Max. "Only when the pros show up. I'm Aurora." said Aurora. "Say, do you want to go dirtbiking sometime?" asked Max. "Got my bike right here". They rode off into the sunset together and Max and Shockwave Sam made millions off of the turbo for the KTR 990.


Featuring the classic bomber jacket look, a durable zipper and two pouch pockets, this jacket is ready to take your everyday look a notch higher to reflect your unique personality and style.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Full front zipper closure
.: Two lined welt pockets at front
.: Dark blue polyester lining

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