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Chill Cherry Long Sleeve Kimono Robe

Chill Cherry Long Sleeve Kimono Robe

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Once upon a time, there were two dogs named Max and Ruby. Max and Ruby loved to play and explore together in the great outdoors. One day, while on a walk, they came across a beautiful cherry tree in the middle of a field.

Max and Ruby had never seen such a tree before and were intrigued by the sweet, juicy-looking cherries hanging from its branches. They decided to jump up and try to catch some of the cherries in their mouths. Unfortunately, they were not very successful, and they soon grew frustrated.

Just then, a squirrel named Sammy came scampering along and watched the dogs' failed attempts with amusement. "What are you guys doing?" asked Sammy. "Trying to catch these darn cherries!" replied Max, feeling embarrassed.

Sammy laughed and said, "Oh, don't you know? You're supposed to climb the tree to get the cherries!" Max and Ruby looked at each other, then back at Sammy. "Climb the tree? How are we supposed to do that?" they asked.

Sammy grinned mischievously and said, "Well, you could always try to dig a hole under the tree and make it fall over!" Max and Ruby looked at each other again, then back at Sammy. "That's a great idea!" they exclaimed in unison.

So, Max and Ruby started digging away at the base of the cherry tree, trying to topple it over. They dug and dug until finally, the tree began to wobble and then fell over with a loud crash! Max and Ruby were ecstatic - they had done it!

They ran over to the fallen tree and started gobbling up all of the cherries they could find. But as they were eating, they suddenly heard a loud voice yelling, "What in tarnation is going on here?!"

It was the farmer who owned the field where the cherry tree had been standing. He was furious to see his prized cherry tree chopped down by two mischievous dogs. Max and Ruby looked at each other, then back at the farmer. "Uh-oh," they said in unison.

Needless to say, Max and Ruby got into a bit of trouble with the farmer that day. But they learned an important lesson - that sometimes it's better to ask for help than to take matters into your own paws. And who knows, maybe they'll find a new adventure to embark on next time!


Whether it’s lounging at home or making a stylish appearance, these kimono-style robes are as beautiful as they are cozy. With a figure-flattering shape, this chic mid-length robe features the signature flowing bell sleeves and a belt, making it an absolute delight for Japanese style enthusiasts. Each kimono is 100% made with Polyester for that smooth & silky feel.

.: 100% polyester
.: Light fabric (4.72 oz/yd²(160g/m²))
.: Figure-flattering and versatile shape
.: Smooth feel
.: NB! Front edge and belt cannot be customised. Only black or white options

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