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Ride or Die Bomber Jacket

Ride or Die Bomber Jacket

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Two friends, George and Frank, had known each other since almost birth. They were neighbors in a culdesac in South Compton.

Frank was poor and George grew up having almost everything he could imagine. George liked to skateboard. In his free time, when he wasn't eating Salami by the pool or reading BARK, the local newspaper, he would go to the skatepark and go up and down the halfpipe for hours. Ollies, kick flips, pop shuvits, grind rails, 720 triple backflips, he did it all. He had even skated with Tony Hawk once.

Frank worked in a coal mine, even though he was a dog. Every day, it was his job to pull heavy carts of coal from one side of the mine to the other. It hurt Frank's teeth, and he would always sweat from working so hard that the coal dust would stick to him. 

"Hi Frank! You look a little tired today." said George one day.

"Yes. What is that wheelie thing there?" said Frank.

"It's a skateboard... watch this!" George said, as he pulled off a perfect Rocket Air.

"Whoa! That's cool. I wish I could do that." said Frank.

"You can, you just need a skateboard. There's a competition in a few days. If you win, you can win a trip to Cancun and a new board." said George. 

"Sounds good. I have some chores to do but I'll see you tomorrow." said Frank.

After he finished taking out the trash, fixing the furnace, cooking dinner, cleaning the gutters, doing laundry and unclogging the toilet Frank finally got up the nerve to ask his owner if he could have a skateboard.

"You can't skate! You're a dog! Maybe you can go fetch me my paper instead, you could use the exercise!", his owner Cecilia said.

Frank expected that, but it was worth a shot. That Rocket Air looked cool! Frank dreamed of spending time in the air, away from his endless responsibilities, free as a bird.

The next day at work, Frank was pulling the coal cart with the rope again when he had an idea. He could ride the cart like a skateboard to get some practice! He started rolling faster and faster, but the cart wouldn't stop. The cart hit a rock and toppled over, launching Frank headfirst into a steel pole and covering him with black dust, of course.

"Hey! You can't do that! I'm putting square wheels on those carts until you act right! You're losing me money." said Frank's manager. 

George skated up to Frank on his way home. "How was your day?" asked George. "Ruff". said Frank. "I tried to skate on a cart and it didn't go well. I don't have enough money for a skateboard."

"Here, you can borrow mine when you get done with work every day if you want." said George. "Really?" "Sure, Ride or Die homie."

After cooking dinner, cleaning dishes, repainting the house, mowing the lawn, mopping the floors, taking down 6 hornet's nests and making all of the beds, Frank got to the skatepark at 11 pm, so late that the streetlights were off. The air was so still that the mosquitos were starting to come out, but Frank was ready to ride or die trying. He drank a Red Bull and started practicing the Rocket Air, the best move of all. He practiced until it was time for work the next morning. 

At work, Frank pulled the square wheeled cart all day long. One of the wheels broke off and the cart landed on Franks leg as he heard it crunch like an autumn leaf underfoot. AHHHH! Frank exclaimed. How could he win the competition now?

After work Frank was determined to practice. After cooking dinner, changing the oil in the truck, fixing some rotting planks on the deck, trimming the hedges, scrubbing calcium deposits from all of the tubs and showers and tilling the garden, he headed to the skate park, limping on his broken leg. The mosquitos were out and spiders were starting to weave webs to catch them all around the skate park. Frank immediately set off down the halfpipe. "Turn turn turn!" but he couldn't turn because of his bad leg, so Frank skidded across the concrete, cutting up his bad leg shin and little doggie elbows. He laid there, staring up at the stars as mosquitos swarmed around him. He pushed himself up with his good leg and limped to the top of the halfpipe. He set off down the pipe and used all of his might to turn, and flew high in the air where he could taste freedom. The world came hurtling down, but somehow he landed the Rocket Air.

It was the day of the competition, and it was raining. "We are going to postpone the competition until the rain stops". said the announcer. 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm, finally the rain let off at 11 pm, and mosquitos and spiders were starting to come out into the park. "I can't see anything, how can we skate like this?" said one dog. "There's a spider crawling on my back!" said another.

One by one, all the dogs went but none of them could land a Rocket Air. Finally it was Frank's turn. He looked to his right and saw Cecilia with a frown on her face. He looked to his left and saw George cheering him on, and he knew he could do it. Frank shoved off, as fast as he could. Going down the halfpipe, Frank focused on what he had to do and not on his bad leg. He was at the top of the Rocket Air. "Get that foot down get that foot down!" he thought. He landed it perfectly, and the crowd went wild! "We have a winner!" the announcer said.

Frank took that trip to Cancun and started selling skateboards the moment he got there and now has a multi-million dollar skate shop. George visits Frank in Cancun every month where they drink cervezas and work on new big air tricks on their skateboards.


Featuring the classic bomber jacket look, a durable zipper and two pouch pockets, this jacket is ready to take your everyday look a notch higher to reflect your unique personality and style.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Full front zipper closure
.: Two lined welt pockets at front
.: Dark blue polyester lining

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