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Grilling Like a Villain Apron

Grilling Like a Villain Apron

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Never lose a grill-off again with grilling tips from Brutus the dog. Additionally, never spill barbecue sauce on your white shirt while grilling!

Featuring snow-white loop & ties, this apron is made with 100% pre-shrunk polyester canvas - an ideal material for keeping splashes and stains at bay while you create tasty meals.

Who is this dog?

Meet Brutus, a bulldog with a love for grilling. Brutus had always been passionate about cooking, and he had spent years perfecting his recipes for BBQ ribs.

One day, Brutus decided to enter a local grilling competition, hoping to show off his skills and maybe even win a prize. He spent days preparing his ribs, marinating them in a secret sauce that he had created himself.

The day of the competition arrived, and Brutus was ready to show off his grilling prowess. He set up his grill, carefully placed his ribs on the grates, and began cooking.

As the competition went on, Brutus noticed that one of his competitors, a sneaky Dalmatian named Spot, kept hovering around his grill. Brutus didn't think much of it at the time, assuming that Spot was just trying to get a closer look at his cooking technique.

But later on, when the judges were tasting the ribs, Spot suddenly accused Brutus of cheating. Spot claimed that Brutus had added extra spices to his sauce after the cooking time had ended, which was against the rules.

Brutus was shocked and dismayed. He knew that he hadn't cheated, but he couldn't prove it. The judges were hesitant to disqualify Brutus without any proof, but they also didn't want to let a cheater win.

Just when things seemed their bleakest, a group of Brutus's fans, who had been watching the competition, stepped forward to defend him. They had been watching Spot sneak around Brutus's grill, and they had even taken pictures of him adding extra spices to his own ribs after the cooking time had ended.

The judges were impressed with the fans' evidence, and they quickly disqualified Spot. Brutus was declared the winner of the competition, much to his delight.

From then on, Brutus was known as the grilling champion of the town. He continued to cook up delicious BBQ ribs, and he even started his own line of sauces that became famous throughout the region. And as for Spot, he was banned from future competitions and forced to take grilling classes to learn the proper rules of the competition.

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