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Bronto Ceramic Mug

Bronto Ceramic Mug

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This is a story about a dog named Bronto. At the hospital when Bronto was born, a passerby named Alex looked down at the little dog and said, you look like your name should be Experimental. The nurse came back "That name is already taken, and are you smoking something, Elon Musk? What kind of name is Experimental?". "How about Brontosaurus?" said Alex.

"That is a cool name." said the nurse. Bronto's dog parents agreed, it was a cool name.

Growing up, Bronto liked cars, then airplanes and then space! He even got to work at the Air and Space Museum. Bronto loved looking at the rocket engines and thought they were fascinating. How cool would it be to build one!

Bronto was excited. He was going to college to study a new degree, spaceflight operations! He was excited to get to launch rockets. After 4 years at school, like many dogs do, Bronto looked back and realized he had not learned anything technical, and that many employers did not actually want his skillset. There was still more to learn that Bronto didn't know he didn't know. Bronto was saddened and frustrated that he did not qualify for most of the rocket science jobs that he really wanted. But a glimmer of hope came through when he got a dog internship at NASA. He was excited and ready to learn! At his internship, he worked with project management software, making excel sheets, but what really fascinated him was some of the other work that the other dogs got to do at NASA. Making heat shields, testing parachutes, making robots and testing rockets.


Bronto went to a career fair at NASA and was excited to meet new faces. One of the dogs there was talking to him about his degree when suddenly a group of mechanical engineering dogs came by, and the hiring manager stopped talking to Bronto alltogether to talk to the engineers. Bronto was disappointed in his degree and knew he would have to go back to school if he really wanted to build rockets.


Bronto decided to work in DC and at the same time, he would go to engineering school at night so that he could learn something technical. It was hard work every day, and Bronto spent many nights drinking Mountain Dew to study for his solid mechanics exam, which was extremely difficult, and he is not sure how he even passed. There were many other exams and he even had to retake a few classes.

Bronto completed an internship at NASA again where he finally got to do some interesting work helping design Moon missions. He was hooked, and knew that he needed to finish his degree.

Back at school, Bronto had also heard of something called Python and started to do some reasearch on designing rockets with Python. It was fascinating how much you could do with Python! There were libraries for everything, including rocket engine design, electronics, robotics, aerodynamics, and others. It was so cool to discover the interesting projects other people had made! Bronto was determined to gather up these libraries and make rocket science easy for everyone to understand so that they didn't need to spend years of their life at school. Bronto also found an interesting YouTube channel called Sailing Nahoa about people who quit their job to sail around the world. How cool was that!

When he graduated with his engineering degree, he came back to his dog family in Washington DC and started working for a government contractor designing electronics. Bronto did not know anything about electronics, but he was willing to learn, and that's what matters. Bronto liked learning at his job, but the company Bronto worked for was always looking for his ideas to use for profit. Bronto's ideas should be his ideas, he thought.

Bronto loved working on his project, he knew he could change the world and make math and engineering easy and accessible to millions if he worked hard. He always wanted to work on his project, but after work, his family always wanted Bronto's time. Bronto loved his family, but Bronto was on a mission. On a family vacation to Key West, during a long car ride from Key West to Key Largo, Bronto was so fed up with his dog family complaining about the Dogocrats and the Repawblicans that he decided he would buy a sailboat and live on it away from his family so that he could focus on his project. Bronto quit his job, bought a beautiful blue sailboat and started working at a boatyard where he would have more freedom to chase his ideas and dreams if he worked hard.

Every day for work, Bronto would scrape toxic paint off of boats, and he would always end up with toxic paint on his paws. It was hard, but Bronto was unbothered in the evenings so it was worth it to him. He learned about robotics, electronics, web design, servers, thermal systems, orbital mechanics, planetary science, material science, aerodynamics and plenty of other things too in his free time. This is what Bronto liked to do. 

Life in the boatyard was hard, and Bronto soon found himself looking for another way to make money so he could support his research and sail at the same time, so Bronto opened a clothing and mug store named Rocket Dog Industries telling the story of some of the greatest dogs in history. Bronto lives on his sailboat, works on his space project and designs cool mugs and shirts of great historical dogs in his free time. The rest is history.


This mug is BPA and Lead-free, microwave & dishwasher-safe, and made of white, durable ceramic in 11-ounce size. Thanks to the advanced printing tech, your designs come to life with incredibly vivid colors – the perfect gift for coffee, tea, and chocolate lovers.

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