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Hustler's Hangout Ceramic Mug 11oz

Hustler's Hangout Ceramic Mug 11oz

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Jose was a fighter pilot who moved from Chihuahua, Mexico to Londog in 1940 where he was given command of a P-37 Dogfighter. On his first mission, he shot down 8 enemy bombers on their way to Londog before he ran out of ammunition, bailing out of his P-37 as he sent it hurtling into the 9th bomber, which was destroyed in a ferocious orange fireball. He was disciplined and was tasked with ferrying bombers to Paw Harbor in 1941 when Japanese Zeros descended on his plane guns blazing just as he was about to land in Paw Harbor. Leaking hydraulic fluid and fuel from the bullet holes, he just barely managed to land the bomber and find cover in an ancient lava tube in time before bombs ripped into the fuselage.

Jim was a tank commander from Barkansas. His mother was a construction worker and his dad was a farmer and he had been driving tractors, skid steers, bulldozers, and back hoes professionally since age 1. Jim was assigned to liberate France and capture Berlin during the downfall of Adolf Sitler.

Jerry drank like a sailor because he was one. He was assigned to be a submarine captain after the bombs fell in Paw Harbor. He always dreamed that his submarine would become a sandwich and that he could eat his way to victory.

Jack was originally a Polish dog but now runs a casino in occupied France after narrowly escaping the Nazis in 1939 when Nazi General Katz put down his whole family. Jack has been waiting for revenge ever since.

Jameson was a commando, who landed behind enemy lines during the invasion of Berlin and managed to steal the Nazi war plans and fax them to General Pawton, who ordered a submarine blockade to block any escape of Sitler through the Mediterranean.

During one heated conflict in the Pacific against the Empire of the Barking Spot, Jose is forced to crashland his plane in the pacific after getting hit by flak and is picked up by Jerry. Jose helps Jerry sail the submarine, which is assigned to travel through the Suez Canal to stop Adolf Sitler from escaping on his personal warship to Argentina. On their way, they are distracted by the singing of beautiful dogfish mermaids near Italy and their submarine explodes when it hits a sea mount. They dog paddle to shore and are surrounded by tall ominous cliffs, only to find that the beautiful dogfish mermaid voices were just the sound of the wind. Jose and Jerry climb the cliffs and meet General Pawton smoking a pipe and a six fingered man who agree to help them find Sitler's warship and destroy it.

Jim's tank runs out of gas and has to stop by a casino to win money back, as he spent all his gas money on booze. Jim is seduced by the sultry SS agent miss Nightengale and spends his poker winnings on a ring for her that has the Hope Diamond in it, which represents a hopeful and unified Europe after the war.

Jameson, knowing Adolf Sitler's war plans, persuades Jim to leave miss Nightengale, knowing that Nightengale is planning on escaping with Sitler to Argentina. Jameson and Jim go out of the casino to find the tank missing, and manage to catch up with it in a Jeep only to find it manned by not only Miss Nightengale but also General Katz, Miss Nightengale's real husband (or at least he thinks so). Miss Nightengale bites the ring with her teeth, flaunting her success at stealing the tank and getting away with the money from Jack's casino. Miss Nightengale laughs hysterically and mentions that there are goliath tracked mines all around the city just waiting to explode, before she goes back down into the safety of the captured American tank and pushes Jameson and Jim off the road with the mighty tank.

Nightengale and Katz are stopped for inspection as they try to bring the tank carrying Sitler onto a U.S. battle cruiser by a group of U.S. dog soldiers, and the inspector gives them trouble because their tags are expired and their tail lights are out. Furious at the DMV's opressive reign in the middle of a warzone, Nightengale, Katz and Sitler use the tank and smoke grenades to overwhelm the few dog sailors keeping watch on the battle cruiser and manage to pull out of port. The dog sailors radio General Pawton, who manages to find a small sailboat and brings Jerry and Jose on board with him to lighten his troubles, and they manage to sail up to the back of the battle cruiser undetected in the cover of darkness. At the same time, Jim and Jameson catch a PBY Dogalina flight to Madrid from south France but befriend the pilot (The Stig) and promise him the Hope Diamond if he can land the PBY Dogalina on the battle cruiser. He sticks the landing perfectly .

Meanwhile, Jack, enraged at his financial loss and the loss of his family at the hands of the Nazis, decides to join in and hijacks Adolf's private warship. He drives it straight into the side of the battlecruiser, gashing a huge hole as sharks begin to pour in, one of which eats General Katz.

Gaining the upper hand from the shock impact, Jameson decides to tie Nightengale up so that they can go look for Sitler. Jameson stays back to watch Nightengale at gunpoint as the others go to Sitler's warship to look for him.

As Jim, Jose and Jerry search Sitler's warship for the Nazi overlord, Jim remembers Nightengale saying the Hope Diamond would do so much for Our future. "Our future? That kniving b---- is up to no good." he said, returning to find Jameson tied up to a depth charge, with Nightengale and Sitler pointing their submachine guns directly at him.

"You murdered millions!" Yelled Jim in his best Bruce Willis impersonation, pointing his 45 revolver right between Sitler's eyes. The water rushing in is almost deafening now. "Tell the Americans you sunk Sitler's ship and I'll let your little friend go" said Sitler in a German shepherd accent. "Never!" yelled Jim. "Have it your way" Sitler said, igniting the depth charge. Jim tries to pull the trigger but his shots miss as submachine gun bullets rip into his arm. Just then, a rocket hits Sitler and blows a hole in his chest bigger than the Grand Canyon as Jack breaks through the door wearing sunglasses and a black leather jacket. Jack continues to walk towards Nightengale with the rocketlauncher, unafraid of death as Jim unties Jameson. Gunfire from Nightengale erupts, but fearing for her life seeing as she is outgunned and as depth charges are about to explode, she jumps into the tank and closes the hatch, only to realize it has guns too. Jim and Jameson manage to leap from the battlecruiser just as the first depth charge in a row of 16 explodes, throwing Jack sky high like a rag doll. There is fire all around now and the battlecruiser is barely floating as a wave breaks over the tank and causes it to topple into the ocean. Nightengale tries to open the hatch but the pressure of the ocean is too great and it sinks to the bottom. Jim and Jameson look up and see Jose and Jerry in the PBY Dogalina seaplane, and the Stig pulls them from the watery burning wreckage. They search for Jack's body for hours until their fuel reserves are exhausted and they have to return to land.

The war ends and Jameson, Jerry, Jose and Jim all find French wives in a speakeasie and spend time travelling Europe in search of Jack. Jack is finally spotted in 1956 drinking rum with a dogfish mermaid in Capri and agrees to return to the United States with his old friends.

The U.S. is trying a new jet bomber in 1957, the supersonic B-58 Hustler, and Jose is assigned to be the test pilot and ferry one from Paris to New York. They have engine trouble over Iceland and they are forced to crash land it in the small village of Dogenhaaven during a blizard.

The temperature is -40 F so they burn some of the jet fuel to stay warm and exist on arctic seals for the rest of the winter, which is only the rest of the week because it's March. Then, having no money, Jack decides to turn the abandoned airplane into a casino and puts an ad in the newspaper for an opening night. The casino is a hit with the locals with Jameson, Jack, Jim, Jose and Jerry manning the tables. People now fly for thousands of miles to visit the Hustler's Hangout.



It’s BPA and Lead-free, microwave & dishwasher-safe, and made of white, durable ceramic in 11-ounce size. Thanks to the advanced printing tech, your designs come to life with incredibly vivid colors – the perfect gift for coffee, tea, and chocolate lovers.

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle
.: Lead and BPA-free

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