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ScubaDoo Trunks

ScubaDoo Trunks

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The year was 1982. Leslie working on her PhD on the Spanish Sea Star, and was ready to observe it's eating habits in the real world after years of writing. Jerry was a college dropout who became a scuba instructor and was also a guitarist. He had even had an underwater concert one time but no one knows for sure how he pulled it off. Dory was a writer for NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, looking for natural predators to the Spanish Sea Star and also man made impacts to its environment.

After some research and planning, they set out to the dive site to find some Sea Stars. Leslie was busy jotting down notes about the Sea Star, Dory was taking pictures and writing down ideas for her next article, and Jerry was leading the way.

They started to descend into the cold blue water. Ten, twenty, thirty feet. It took them almost 10 minutes, but they were finally looking at some beautiful Spanish Sea Stars. They saw a squid dart by! As Dory was taking pictures of some of the Sea Stars, she saw a shadow lurking in the distance. It was a Great White shark, swimming closer and closer. She slowly started to swim away, but the shark kept coming towards her! She kept swimming down farther away from the shark. Finally the shark turned away, uninterested. She turned around forward to get a bearing and she couldn't believe her eyes. An enormous golden doorway just in front of her, with diamond inlays in the shape of dolphins marked the entrance to an incredible looking city that shimmered in the turquoise colored water. Houses made of marble, large pillars in a courtyard area wrapped in gold, a temple the size of a basketball stadium, statues of sea horses, and a massive golden statue of a ship. Wow! This was incredible! She wished the others could see this too!

As she started to swim towards them, her buoyancy control vest snagged on a rock and it started to leak slowly! 2000 psi quickly dropped to 1900 in just a few seconds. She needed to get to the surface safely, so she took her time and started exhaling as she ascended, making sure to stop frequently so as to not get "The bends". When she got to the surface, she looked down at her pressure gauge, it read 400 psi. "That's way too low!" she said to herself, obviously spooked. She waited for the others to come back to the surface. Ten minutes, 15 minutes had it been? It seemed like an eternity however long it was. They had to see Atlantis. 

"Guys! There is a city down there and I think it's Atlantis!" said Dory.

"No way, are you sure you didn't come up too fast?" said Leslie.

"Yes I'm sure, but my tank is empty. Over here, straight down." said Dory as the others swam towards her.

Leslie and Jerry slowly submerged below the surface. A few minutes later, they came back, grins all over their faces. 

"An entire city to ourselves, even if just for a minute." said Jerry, smiling.


Made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex, it's the perfect blend for swimming and relaxing. These mid-length shorts are lightweight, come with an inner mesh brief and a relaxed fit, because sunny days at the coast are all about lounging. Along with the choice between black or white drawstrings, these shorts also come with two side pockets for added practicality.

.: Material: 95% polyester, 5% spandex
.: Black or white drawstrings
.: Inner mesh brief
.: Two side pockets
.: Seam thread color automatically matched to design (black or white)

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